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KP, Raman, Lahiri or any Hindu Vedic Horoscope 

Astrology tools and software include free Vedic Hindu horoscope, ephemeris,  panchangam and planetary positions based on KP, Raman, Lahiri systems. KP stellar astrology or Krishnamurti Padhdhati System of Astrology is used at Astraura for research, propagation and analysis. Get Sun Sign Horoscope free. Get luck by changing name through Numerology. Consultations available :  I Ching ( the  Book of Change, Chinese). Check Details at  Astraura Research Centre



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At Astraura learners of astrology can make, test and analyse horoscope  free. Casting horoscope on-line has made easier. Other  astrology software and tools include   almanac, ephemeris, panchang or  panchangam on the basis of  KP, Raman, Lahiri and other ayanamsa systems. You can make dasa, dhrishti, aspects, significators tables at a click. I CHING  predictions and numerology reading tools are provided. Check Details at  Astraura Research Centre. KP Astraura free. KP Astraura free. KP Astraura free

Even if you are a casual visitor, with the help of easy software and tools  you can know your  nakshatra or star, janma rasi or moon sign,  lagna or  ascendant    and jyotish tips. Free. Check Details at  Astraura Research Centre.

Special emphasis has been given for making  charts of  stellar astrology as given in  Krishnamurti Padhdhati a type of  jyothisham also known as nadi system in Vedic Hindu astrology based on readings of  nakshatram or birth star. Links are provided for predictions also from in-house astrologer Sai Krishna Guru and out-sourced masters of KP Hindu Vedic astrology on your horoscope.

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